Meet the 2018 NSL Delegation

Every year, New Story Leadership brings ten young, emerging leaders from Israel/Palestine to Washington, DC and shadow members of Congress. Throughout the program, delegates embark on an intense journey of narrative and leadership. Meet the most recent 2018 graduates.

If you want to Change the World

For nine years, the NSL students have shared many stories of hope, change and transformation. Hear their stories as part of our Wall of Stories features which accounts how they came to NSL and the story they told the power brokers of Washington, D.C. To view these amazing videos, simply click the link below.

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You have to Change the Story

One of the most important aspects of our Fellows' summer in Washington, D.C. is the opportunity to influence and educate and learn from congressional leaders. This year, 7 Fellows are placed with members of Congress to ensure that their voice is heard. Fellows also get the chance to share their stories at keynote events addressing religious leaders, and members of the business community. To learn more about just some of those they meet, click our American supporters page below.

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The 2018 Program is now concluding and the team return to begin recruiting for our Tenth team- Bring on 2019. Watch this space.

NSL MISSION STATEMENT – To equip a new generation of Palestinian and Israeli leaders with the tools to become more effective agents of change through activism at home and narrative advocacy in Washington DC.  By changing the old story of futility, NSL Fellows create and enact new stories of possibility for their peoples and for all who care for peace and justice in the world.

New Story Leadership Inc. (NSL) is an American based 501(c)3 registered in the State of Maryland (EIN # 27-1076407) was founded in 2009. It is based on the best practice leadership model employed with sister Irish and South African programs since 1998.

Meet the 2018 NSL Delegation!

Matan Zur, from Tel Aviv, is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Security Studies at Tel Aviv University. She works as a coordinator for national and international crisis management at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Past experience includes Securities Classifier, Studies Consultant at Haifa University, and Model UN debater. Matan’s Project for Change is to open yoga workshops for …

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Application 2018 First Steps


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Barry Leopold

NSL’s newest Board member, Barry Leopold (along with his wife and son) became a host family for the first time …

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Application instructions

NSL Application Instructions 2016

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The first act of activism is stop contributing to the problem

to make things  worse or to feed the status qow, we are complicit .a good story.

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BE WARNED- NSL will stretch you into uncomfortable places

NSL is what it is, but even more, it is what you make it. We can talk till we are …

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